Installation of E-Decomp

a. Requirements:
Machine: x86 compatible PC
OS: Windows9x, Me, NT4.0, Windows2000
Software: Microsoft Excel97, 2000

b. Installation of R. Download "R for Windows" from CRAN (
Install "R" at some place of your PC. For example, you install it in C:\R.
Next download R-(D)COM from
Then extract archives and copy "statconnectorsrv.exe", "statconnectorclnt.dll" to "C:\R\bin".
Also extract the archive of "E-Decomp" and copy all file to C:\R\library\edecomp
(A new directory C:\R\library\edecomp should be created before copying).

c. Add R\bin to the environmental variable PATH. Further,
add the environmental variable R_HOME to specify the Directory of R.
For Windows9x or Me, in autoexec.bat, specify
SET PATH=C:\windows;......;C:\R\bin
Then reboot.
For Windows NT, specify by the tab "Environment" in the "System" of the "Control Panel".

d. Install R-(D)COM. Copy the shared library (mfc42.dll, msvbvm60.dll, msvcrt.dll, regsvr32.exe)
in the archive of R-(D)COM to Windows\system (for Windwos9x, Me) or to Winnt\system32 (for Windows NT, 2000).
If they already exist in your PC, use the latest version. (For safety, if you overwrite the existing one,
be sure to make backups of the original ones.) In particular, it is likely that mfc42.dll is used by other programs.
Therefore if you overwrite this file, you should quit all of the programs that use this file,
including the ones running in the background. Otherwise, an error due to violation of sharing will occur.

e. Register the mfc42.dll.
In DOS prompt, key in
C:> regsvr32 C:\windowd\system\mcf42.dll (for Windows9x, Me)
C:> regsvr32 C:\winnt\system32\mcf42.dll (for Windows NT, 2000)
If the path for regsvr32 is not set, specify the name in full-path.

f. Change directory to the home directory of R (cd %R_HOME%) and key in
C:\R\bin> StatConnectorSrv /RegServer
C:\R\bin> regsvr32 StatConnectorClnt.dll
If an error occurs here, replace mfc42.dll by the latest one since it is likely that
mfc42.dll is old. By the above procedure, R and R-(D)COM have been installed.
If you have any difficulties in this procedure, refer to the document of R-(D)COM.

g. Move to the directory "%R_HOME%\library\edecomp" and open "edecomp.xls" by double-clicking.
Enable the "Macro" if the confirmation window appears. Now the E-Decomp is available
by selecting "Tools" -- "Macro" -- "Macros" -- run "Edecomp". (You can customize the macro by changing the source.)
h. Register the macro in the toolbar. Click "View" -- "Toolbars" -- "Customize" -- "Toolbars".
Press "New" and key in the toolbar name "E-Decomp". Press OK and a small toolbar area appears.
Drop the "Custom Button" in the "Macros" of the "Commands" tab.
(Drag the button by the mouse and release at the toolbar area.) Click the "Modify Selection"
and select "Assign Macro". Select "Edecomp" and press "OK". Now you can start E-Decomp by pressing this button.

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